Montag, 23. Mai 2022

Daria Kulesh's 40th Birthday Bash

 Following a lucky quirk of fate when I met Daria in a folk club in England in north Derbyshire in a little hamlet named "HOPE" near to the small town of Castleton in 2017 I invited her to come and play at Bonn folk club, which she did in 2018 and 2019 with great success and many of you will remember vigouresly pointing and shouting "A Witch, a Witch!" to her song about a real life witch. "Begone" is a song written by Daria herself based on the true story of Jane Wenham, the witch of Walkern, near Stevenage in England who was tried for witchcraft in 1712. The story of Jane Wenham had an unusually happy ending as she was granted a royal pardon.

Daria, like all musicians has suffered due to the last two years of corona virus and also as a Britisch-based musician encumbered with trips abroad to the EU due to new Brexit regulations. As if this wasn't enough dear Daria who has the good fortune of Ingush DNA, but the misfortune of a Russian passport, so the chances of you seeing her physically in Folk Club Bonn any time soon are really very minimal if not remote. Otherwise Dara is fine, she is a mother now and can now begin to tour around the UK folk clubs once more, and she has a job giving musical classes to babies and toddlers.

She is giving a Zoom performance on Tuesday 24.05.22 at 19:30 UK time, 20:30 hrs German time. If anyone is interested in participating ( Donations are optional, as ever, but always hugely appreciated): 

To mark my 40th trip around the sun, on Tuesday 24th of May I'll be utterly embarrassing myself on Zoom for your entertainment with 4 'Times 10' challenges:

1) The 10 Language Challenge - songs will be sung in 10 languages;
2) The D for Daria Challenge - at least 10 songs in the key of D/Dm, hahaha. Can you catch them all?
3) The Banter Ban Challenge - 10 songs in a row with no talking in between!! Unthinkable! Can I manage??

4) The 10 Verse Challenge - yes, there will be a ten-verse song; and that's the abridged version!

If you wish to wish her happy birthday and participate in the above

Please let me know on folkclubBonn at gmail dot com and I'll send you a link.


John Harrison

for Folk Club Bonn

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