Dienstag, 24. Mai 2022

Sabine's photos from FCB # 123 from 07.05.2022

The first indoor and unplugged folk club since November 2021 

both well ventilated and with adequate spacial distancing.

Elena not only checking guests on the door, but also
providing adequate ventilation in the hall during the evening.
I'm a great fan of hers!

Thanks Elena, especially in these difficult times, 

Bonn folk club could not possibly survive 
without such tireless altruistic efforts that Elena, and indeed we all 
epitomise in keeping, what is essentially, a really "very good thing"
both alive and actively kicking, in the face of recent adversity.

A newly strung one cone resonator guitar with a bottleneck 

and a blues harp in the rack

Life is good!

Dennis Lederman

Singing a self-penned song about Folk Club Bonn

Dennis is one of our proudest protegés!

Gerald Löhrer & Martin have been busking in Bonn, 

not an easy task in itself!,

but busking in order to raise money 

for the unfortunate war-stricken population there in the Ukraine.

a worthy endeavour indeed

                                John Hay experiencing obvious bliss on his new Martin steel-stringed guitar.

By the look on his face we could even be hearing some Blues 

from John Hay anytime soon! 

He's well and truly smitten!

The bottleneck went walkabouts so I had to change
 to normal guitar tuning after the non-existant break.

Jock Stewart time,

"just be easy and free"

This guy (Jock Stewart of course!) 

transcends the earlier boundaries of Great Britain

 by being a roving cattle drover, driving cattle on the hoof 

between northern Scotland, to the ever larger 

urban centres of population in England like London

(he may even have been a potential French spy,)

but he was a man, that many other men entrusted 

both their lives, and/or their fortunes to.

Today we all have the good fortune of the EU 

Schengen Agreement 

where most European citizens can cross EU borders 

"without let or hindrance"

That is something that many of our parents and grandparents and even 

great-grandparents fought for,and many of those brave souls 

did not even live to experience themselves 

the same actual individual freedom that we today enjoy,

that they so courageously laid down their own lives for.

Let us celebrate this,on their behalf 

for the wonder that it truly is.

This was a Folk Club "Lite", so finishing while it was still light outside. 

That's unusual for a night watchman!

A wonderful evening and a great thanks to ALL participants,

"sorry" for the strict entrance rules, but you all escaped alive 

to live and fight and sing another day.

"No one could ever ask for more!"


A special thanks to Roland and all the staff at "Dotty's Bar" for having continuous faith in us,

and putting up with us through thick and thin and for paying the Folk Club's 

monthly GEMA charge and keeping us all "legal" in such difficult times,

 and for continuously coming up with new ideas about how we can all 

keep afloat and still put on live music events,

 despite the stones that the world  has been always incrreasingly 

"putting in our passways" in recent times.

Like everyone, we have experienced many new problems in the last two years,

 but being surrounded by people who are always willing to find a new solution, 

and think outside of the box.

rather than trying first to apportion blame for the last problem,

has been most comforting and augers very well for the future.

Please tune into the next folk club Bonn!

The rules will undoubtably be quite strict again,

because, next time we will not only wish YOU to survive,

but also our own, most very dear, Folk Clubber

Steve Perry too!

Thank you so much for the wonderful photos Sabine!


John Harrison


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